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    Hi all
    my understanding of the transfer process is that a student can transfer from one course to another. This transfer effectively means that the student never took part in the Original Course as far as the stats are concerned.
    We have the situation where some time a go a student transferred from 3 AS subjects to 1 90 Credit Diploma.
    As far as hours go they are equivalent and take up the same teaching GLH.
    I say one of the courses is transferred from to the new BTEC, the other two courses are marked as withdrawals.

    The argument being put to me is that this is unfair as the hours are the same, why should we be hit for withdrawals when one course is selected to be transferred from.

    Any advice please?



    Last paragraph doesn’t make too much sense! Sorry
    What I mean is, the argument put to me is: This is unfair as the hours are the same why can’t we transfer from the 3 AS subjects to the “equivalent” 90 credit BTEC.



    I d mark them all as transferred. They ve transferred from an A level programme (made up of multiple learning aims) to a 90 credit diploma programme of study.



    I would count the actual hours on the AS subjects, and the actual + planned hours on the BTEC course. I don’t think the EFA hours rules are punitive enough for you to not count actual hours.

    You could have a scenario of a leaner doing 5 weeks of AS levels (normally a 600 hour programme), transferring to a BTEC (another 600 hours programme), and withdrawing from the BTEC 5 weeks later.

    In this scenario, none of the aims pass the 42 day threshold, but the learner on the other hand has passed the threshold for funding. I would use the same principle here and count the actual hours on the AS, and the actual +planned on the BTEC. The reasoning being that the learner has been following a programme of study for 10 weeks. Otherwise, you would be counting zero hours for a funded student who has been on programme for 10 weeks. Para 32 in the guidance below is the point of contention. Followed literally, you probably would claim zero hours:

    How would others treat learners in this scenario in terms of hours? I’d welcome some official guidance.




    Adam, because none of the aims in your scenario pass the 42 day test, I don’t think any of them are fundable. They certainly won’t appear in the QSR, which uses aim dates not POS dates.



    For an EFA learner, the learner is funded and will count as a head as the EFA methodology takes the first start date and last end date. The question really is what are the correct hours to claim for this learner.



    Many thanks for your replies
    In short you think it OK to transfer from a programme (all past Census date) of 3 courses made up of 500 hrs to another single course made up of 500 Hours?

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