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  • Keith Swain

    We have a number of learners that have been transferred from another provider, this provider is no longer in business. Some of the learners have been on programme for 12 months or so but require 5 or 6 months of learning to complete the apprenticeship. On the ILR data return, do we need to put the learners original start date with the previous provider or the start date with us. If we put the start date with us with a completion date 6 months in the future, we have an error as it doesn’t meet the minimum apprenticeship length?


    Alan Taws

    You record their start date and their original start date – these are two separate fields on the ILR – you’ll also need to add FAM code RES1 – restart indicator and you may also need to adjust your percentage of funding claimed on the english and maths – see ILR provider guidance for funding model 36 – it provides a full explanation on page 30


    Alan Taws

    As an aside, I’ve been discussing transfers from a failed provider – see

    The concern is that you are limited in what fee you can negotiate with the employer – particularly if the previous provider hadn’t doen as much work as expected – and it depends on what the previous provider drew down before they went bust. Just thinking it might be of interest to you.


    Martin West

    Hi Keith,
    I think it is the restart indicator that is required as this is used in the validation of the apprenticeship minimum duration rules and so it is important that it is completed accurately.

    From the current ILR specification: OrigLearnStartDate is only used when restarting the learning aim at the same provider but this conflicts with the old guidance that Alan has quoted from.

    You could try both and see what works


    Keith Swain

    Thank you all for your responses, lots of interesting reading..

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