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  • Garry Welborn


    Is it accepted within the funding rules to transfer a learner from an accredited (FM35) aim to a non-accredited (FM10) learning aim?

    Kind Regards




    The information on Transfers in the funding guidance is very poor. There don’t appear to be any definitive rules and a few of us have had a moan about it on CMIS NEtwork last year maybe.

    I think some external auditors may argue you couldn’t, as your not transferring to something of equal size, and depending on what dates you are using, could accuse you of doing the transfer to inflate QAR – where it says all this is a mystery though as i ve trawled the rules numerous times for any snippet of info.

    The Geoff Russell principles are sometimes quoted during audit i think as to when and why you can transfer, but his paper is over 10 years old now, and anyone new to MIS will have no idea who he is and his paper is not published by the ESFA from what i can see.

    It seems to be one of those ‘is it in the spirit of the guidance’ things that just sends you round in circles on not penalising yourself in QAR but have a sound explanation for an auditor.

    If Steve Hewitt is about, he might have a better memory than me of what a few of us were moaning about, or have some more up to date info on the subject .. . .


    Garry Welborn

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve struggled also to find anything diffinative.

    I’ve emailed the help desk so will hopefully get an answer?





    OH HAI! 🙂

    This is partially what I’ve been trying to get an answer from ESFA about for OVER EIGHTEEN MONTHS NOW… I’m slightly worried that they think the recent guidance on old school BTECs and transferring down has answered my query…

    Garry, the main problem with moving from FM35 to FM10 is that QAR doesn’t see FM10 at all, so it will consider it a transfer to nothing (ie a fail) anyway, regardless of whether the funding rules actually permit or forbid it (they do neither, of course), so you mayaswell just call it a withdrawal.



    Also on this theme of what is a valid transfer and what isn’t….

    If a classroom-based learner on a 2 year, multi-aim programme returns at the start of Yr2 in Sept and has decided they want to change any of their subjects, or is now able to continue their studies via an apprenticeship, can these be recorded as transfers in our 2018-19 data, even if their last dates of learning on their original aims were back in July and the new aims don’t start until Sept?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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