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  • Sue Scott

    Below is a paragraph from the funding rules 14/15:
    46.14 (Page 127
    Entry or level-1 aims (not English, maths or ESOL) if a learner is entitled to full funding for a full level-2 qualification
    (defined in the Qualifications Information Guide), in that they must have the maximum prior learning accreditation of level 1
    or below, but need a step up from basic skills to progress to a full level 2. If this relates to workplace learning, this learning
    aim must be vocational.

    One of our contractors has a learner who is unemployed, 19+ but is not claiming any unemployment benefits and wants to complete a L1 Certificate in Child Care.

    The contractor is adamant the learner can be fully funded as the above paragraph relates to a learner being eligible for full funding at L2 (Max prior learning of L1)

    My argument is that eligibility for full funding at L2 for the unemployed you still require to be claiming unemployment benefits as stated in 46.6.

    Could someone please help.



    Hi Sue
    Paragraph 46.9 states –
    Individuals who are unemployed and receiving any state benefits not listed above but who want to enter employment
    and believe skills training will help them to do so. This includes individuals receiving Universal Credit who are not
    mandated (required) to undertake skills training. Full funding is at your discretion. (This relates to the learner and not the
    type of benefit they are receiving.) You must be satisfied that the learning is directly relevant to both the individual’s
    employment prospects and the needs of the local labour market.



    Hi Sue

    46.14 refers to 19-23s only, but if that’s the age of the learner, then yes, a level 1 course would be fuilly funded, as it’s a stepping stone to their Full Level 2 Entitlement, as mentioneded in 46.15. Learners don’t need to be unemployed or on benefits to claim their Entitlement (hence the name!), it’s for everyone.



    Hi All,

    So, just to confirm, can a learner who is unemployed (but not claiming any benefits) receive full-funding for a level 2 qualification if they have prior attainment at L1 or less? And they have to be 19-23?



    Sue Scott

    I am still confused:
    46.9 says “unemployed and receiving any state benefits not listed above”. My learner is not claiming any benefits at all and is “supposedly” unemployed. Where does it say that Learners claiming NO benefits can be fully funded


    Mark Williams

    Hi Sue
    Paras 46.1 through to 46.20 give the different circumstances where full funding can be claimed. Only some of them relate to the unemployed. As Steve says, 46.14 covers your issue if the student is aged 19-23. If they are older than this, then, from what you have given, they may be co-funded if it is classroom learning (para 47.8).


    Sue Scott

    Thanks everyone,

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