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    Hello all,

    We have an employer who is looking to take on an a second apprentice. The first apprentice has been on programme for about 1 month or so, but from carrying out the first review it appears they are being left in the shop to work alone.

    The second apprentice they want to take on is ideally 16 – 18. Is there any rules that state an employee (especially an apprentice) cannot be left to work alone at such an age (I can only find guidance)?

    Thanks in advance.



    I’d query this on safeguarding grounds. As the training provider, you’ve a responsibility to ensure the learners’ health and safety. Have they had lone working training, for example?

    Also, how are you going to get witness testimonies from the employer if there’s not actually anybody there to witness anything?



    Also this funding rule from main providers document:

    P23 You must be satisfied that the employer is providing the apprentice with appropriate
    support and supervision to carry out their job role and their apprenticeship.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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