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    When it is trying to update you can just click the ‘X’ in the corner and it comes back to life.



    I have a problem with clarifying 1. Introduction and 2.1 R14 Collection from the SFA: payments and data guidance sent out earlier today. The intro tells us that the SFA will use the file we submitted most recently to either the Hub or to OLDC (which is fine and is clarified by Chris earlier in this discussion).

    However, 2.1 further on in the dcument then says “You must submit the same data to the data collections facility in the Hub and to the online data collection (OLDC) system. We will use the data you provide to the Hub as the basis on which to calculate the final payments for 2013 to 2014 funding year and to issue the final reconcilliation statements to grant providers.”

    These two statements on the same document totally contradict each other.

    I submitted a clean and full ILR last week (17th October). I have re-run one today because we had a couple of changes to make to the data where learners haven’t come back this year to continue. I can’t access the Hub because of the error.

    Should I hope the introduction in the payments and data guidance is correct and just submit the ILR to OLDC (which doesn’t give me EAS totals) in the hope it works it out correctly? Should I also upload EAS to OLDC (even though we have no additional amounts to claim from the return we submitted to the Hub with R13) or hope the one we submitted to the Hub with R13 is fine and by submitting the ILR to OLDC without uploading our last EAS, the additional amount will be picked up from the Hub……

    All very well extending the deadline for the final claim, but I’m on leave next week and have to get this sorted by tomorrow!



    I’ve been trying to submit our R14 *ALL DAY* and still haven’t managed to get ILR data through.

    Currently I either get:

    “An error has occurred with the application. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.”

    I’m sure my system administrator isn’t the one to resolve this.

    …Or alternatively the Data Return page loads, but only with links to submit EAS claims.. no ILR data links.

    What’s confusing me further is that the EAS claim links available to me are for all 12 periods, despite the SFA Payments and Data page stating that most of them would be closed:

    “we have closed a number of EAS collections. If you need to claim EAS for period 1 to period 8, please submit against period 8. If you need to claim EAS for period 9 to 12, please submit against period 11 or period 12.”

    So do I just submit my adjustments against EAS08, EAS11 and EAS12 as the guidance states, or spread them out across all periods as normal since the links are available to me.

    This is a full-blown shambles!



    I have literally just got access to the Hub and after a couple of attempts seem to have the ILR link available, so I’ve just submitted to the Hub and OLDC. Heres hoping……



    me too just trying to do an upload got as far as submit so will probably leave running now overnight and go and drink something strong. ………………



    Hi All

    I have just managed to submit a file the the HUB! so for those still waiting have another try

    I want to say YEAH!! but have lost all will to live………………………




    Well, I submitted and have already got an error summary for the job! Took about 20 minutes to process. Now going to check the funding reports to see if they’re what I think they should be.



    Successfully submitted this evening! Good luck to all!


    Paul Rogers

    So I’ve found the solution… we all need to move to Australia and work during the night. All working smoothly at 23:00!

    See you all on the other side!



    If work would pay me to do this on the week when I need to submit the ILR I would be more than willing to take them up on this!


    Martin West

    Working in the dark just seems to sum up this fiasco.
    We all hope they have resolved the issues with the HUB but why do they not communicate with us?



    Same here evening submission worked – shame I don’t get paid overtime and had to do it for free and in my own time!!!!

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