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  • jowright

    Would it be possible for more information about forum users to be clearly displayed within topics? Caspar Verney and Martin West give welcome information which is gratefully received and which we take as correct, but there is no indication of the capacity in which they give this information. No disrespect intended to either!


    Martin West

    Hi Jo,
    In the transition from the old to the new version of the forum many users have not updated or provided any information of who they are or details of their status within the FE sector.

    I do not believe that it is necessary to displayed this within topics as users like Caspar, me, you, and others have already provided this information in their profiles, it is only necessary to click on a name if you wish to review their profile.

    Generally Caspar and I are only too willing to respond to posting where we believe we can offer an answer to others in the sector be it provider staff or others (including other software suppliers), we do this not only to assist others but also it helps us identify issues that providers have experienced.

    Hope this helps


    Simon France

    Hi Jo,

    I think in a forum such as this, we are all working in the sector and all trying to assist each other the best we can. Sharing our knowledge and experiences helps greatly as we all know the official guidance can be a little unclear at times or subject to interpretation.

    However, I think there is an overriding caveat that all information and advice given by users of the forum is offered “as is” with no guarantees of accuracy. No poster can accept responsibility for the consequences of acting upon their advice.

    Generally, I will double-check with other sources before acting upon advice to make sure I am satisfied that what I have been told is correct. Most people reference guidance documentation to back-up their advice.

    I’m just off to check that my profile is up-to-date…..


    Martin West

    Hi All,

    I think Simon’s caveat should always be an important consideration as many users including myself use the forum to gauge the understanding of others over various sometimes complicated issues including the interpretation of guidance and rules.

    I for one would not profess to always getting it right at the first pass but the views and opinions of others has enabled me in the past to arrive at a conclusion over most issues, the forum can be a useful tool but care should be taken as after all it is often only an opinion and one should always satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information given.

    As always: constructive criticism welcome.


    Caspar Verney

    And just to stick my oar in:

    I am very happy to give advice and do so to the best of my ability. I try to write it with phrases such as I believe or have been told, but would agree with others that I cannot absolutely guarantee what I have said, only that I personally believe it to be true at the time of writing.

    I write ILR software, do audits, and attend meetings at the IA in Coventry and it is on that basis that I have accumulated my own rose-tinted spectacles upon the challenges that we talk about here.




    Hi Jo
    I have received quite a bit of advice and given a little back and I am grateful to anyone who can shed light on any queries I have. I use advice given as just that “advice” and something to explore further if necessary. There are a lot more experienced people out there than me and I am sure, as the forum is monitored, that if information given was off the wall then a counter comment would be added. I have acted upon advice and info given by Martin and Caspar and they have been spot on – so thank you very much.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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