When to export ILR

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  • Jessica95

    Hi Everyone,

    We’re new to apprenticeships and have our very first apprentice starting with us on the 1st July. I have checked the support manual which suggests the new start needs to be reported within 2 months of their start date.

    Do we therefore export learners after their start date, or can we export them before provided the ILR is complete? What would happen if the learner decided not to start?

    Thanks in advance.


    Ruth CJ

    Congratulations on the first apprentice 🙂

    That does happen sometimes. We enrol them in good faith, then something happens last minute and they don’t start. You then just don’t put them in your next ILR. How you do that depends on which system we use. In our system, we keep the data for our own sake, but we have a mechanism to make it not pull into the xml ILR file we create. Even if you only put enrolments in your ILR that have already passed their start dates (that’s quite common practice I think), sometimes you might not be informed they never started until a few weeks down the line.



    We are looking after a contract for an employer who have furloughed all of their apprentices. Do we still have to export the data?


    Martin West

    Furloughed workers can still start an Apprenticeship and these together with any who have already started need to be returned in the ILR each month.



    Fantastic, thanks Ruth and Martin. I think we have something similar in our system to remove from export as you suggest!

    Would there be any implications in waiting until R12 (due 6 August) to export our learner starting 1 July?


    Ruth CJ

    Other than delayed payments, no issues. Just be aware that, if your employer is a levy payer, you’re delaying the money coming out of their levy account, which they might not be especially happy about, as it makes it harder for them to manage their money.

    We quite regularly don’t get the enrolment paperwork until a month or two after an apprenticeship started (I really don’t know where they keep it for that time), and it’s never been a huge problem for us.



    Thanks Ruth – that’s ever so helpful! 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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