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  • Andrew Mackenzie

    Hi Everyone, hoping someone may have clarification.

    I’ve started at a new training provider within the compliance dept for a company who provide Apprenticeships. As part of their withdrawal process they await a copy of an email/letter from the employer to confirm the learner withdrawal, This is creating a huge bottleneck and delay of the processing of their withdrawals.

    I’ve worked at many training providers in the past and never used employer evidence as part of the withdrawal as long as there is a last day of training, which includes supporting last day training evidence and that there is a learner withdrawal reason, this has been sufficient even under ESFA audits.

    I’m presuming some previous compliance read funding guidance Paragraph 206, Scenario 3:-

    – The employer must notify the provider that the apprentice has left.
    – The employer can stop payments through their digital account.
    – The provider records the end date on the ILR.

    But it doesn’t state evidence is required direct from the employer, such as an email or letter.

    Does anyone else use this method with withdrawals?




    Martin West

    Hi Andrew,
    You are correct as although the employer has an obligation to inform you and this could be used to trigger the withdrawal it may not be evidence that supports the funding rule that applies which is:

    P219. If an apprentice leaves without completing their apprenticeship, the last date of learning, including the apprenticeship programme learning aim, is the date you have evidence the apprentice was still in learning for any learning that is part of their apprenticeship.

    Your organisation should have a withdrawal policy to avoid claiming funding when a learner is no longer in learning.


    Andrew Mackenzie

    Hi Martin, thanks for the reply, I pretty much thought that these emails wernt required. I just wanted to see if anyone else used the same process.

    I’ll look at changing their process and removing the bottleneck.

    Thanks for the help.




    Is it ok that we withdraw or temporarily withdraw an apprentice based on a verbal notification from the employer? We do have a withdrawal form here but it doesn’t collect signatures from the employer and the apprentice.


    Martin West

    Hi Sunny,
    The funding rules guidance for a withdrawal is:
    Actions to take where the apprentice withdraws from the apprenticeship, where the apprentice is no longer employed by the employer and has withdrawn from their programme (not redundancy) OR the apprentice chooses to withdraw to prior completion but remains with the same employer.
    P264. The employer must:
    P264.1 Notify the main provider that the apprentice has left.
    P264.2 Stop payments through their apprenticeship service account. This includes where the apprenticeship is funded by a transfer.
    P265. The main provider must:
    P265.1 Record the end date of the apprenticeship on the ILR.

    The rules do not say how the Employer must notify you, so you should accept a verbal notification if that is all you have.

    Similarly, you can only record a break in learning where they notify you that they plan to return to the same apprenticeship programme and this is agreed with the employer, again the rules do not specify how the Employer must notify you.

    I would ensure your agreement with the employer states that they must inform you in writing of any change in circumstances so that you have evidence to support any changes to the learners ILR record.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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