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    The ILR spec and provider manual say to use the appropriate work experience aim that “describes the total number of hours undertaken by the learner”. Is this the hours planned to be undertaken or those that are actually undertaken? I know that the planned learning/EEP hours fields need to remain unaltered after the qualifying period – it’s the specific aim code to use for work experience that I’m unsure of.

    If it is the *actual* number of hours undertaken on placement that determines the aim code, do we simply replace the original planned aim with the new one once the actual hours are known? Or do we record it as a transfer? Or do we stick with the original planned aim?

    For example, a learner starts a work placement that is planned to last 80 hours (Z0007835), but the learner gets on so well and the placement is extended so 120 hours are actually undertaken (Z0007836). If the first one is reported in an earlier return, should we change it to the latter one once we have determined the total actual hours spent on placement?



    Caspar Verney

    As I understand this you should plan the delivery for each learner and complete the Planned Hours and Planned EEP hours accordingly. Once the qualifying period has past then these should not be changed. The planned Work Experience hours go into the Planned EEP hours and the Aim chosen should be in the appropriate band for the hours you have planned and then should not be changed at all (even if the actual hours differ significantly).

    You haven’t said what funding stream or course type this is for, but my experience is from Traineeships which come under EFA funding & Rules, albeit the College in question only has an SFA Contract and hence the actual funding is paid by the SFA. The Planned Hours plus the Planned EEP Hours determine the actual funding band (under EFA Rules) and so the Aims chosen must match and cannot be changed (even if reality turns out wildly different).




    Hi Caspar,

    Thanks for the answer. I was hoping the wex aim is determined from the planned hours!

    We’re a CCP mainly delivering EFA-funded Study Programmes.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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