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  • matkinson1278

    I have 2 questions which are related.

    Has anyone had any experience of this or know:
    1) if an apprentice who has a zero hour contract, so the minimum length of the programme would depend on the average hours worked, could work towards a Advanced Apprenticeship at the same time of doing a degree? The apprenticeship and degree subject areas are not related.
    2) if a learner has taken a year out from their degree can they enrol on an Advanced Apprenticeship as when they return to their degree they more than likely will be working towards both the Apprenticeship and Degree at the same time.

    Any help or advice on this would be welcome, whilst i wait a response from the ESFA.



    Martin West

    The funding rules would allow the scenario in both your questions however this would also be reliant on the Employer entering into an Apprenticeship agreement with the Apprentice and committing to allowing the Apprentice to complete a minimum 20% off-the-job training hours during their working hours.

    In reality their zero hours contract would be superseded by the Apprenticeship Agreement.



    Thanks Martin. Yes, this will be confirmed with the learner and employer.

    See below the response from the ESFA Service desk making reference to paragraph P79.3 of the 19/20 Provider Funding Rules:

    The individual must not be in receipt of any other direct DfE funding during their apprenticeship programme; this includes any other DfE funded FE/HE programme including programmes funded by a student loan.

    This rule also includes Student Finance from the Student Loans Company.

    Does your response still stand.




    Martin West

    Hi Michael,
    I had missed that change in the funding rules as last year (see below) as in previous years it has always been accepted that Degrees funded by the learner via a student loan were not funded by the DfE.

    P63.3 Not be undertaking another apprenticeship or be in receipt of any other DfE funding during their apprenticeship programme; this includes another apprenticeship or any other DfE funded FE/HE programme. Individuals on a sandwich placement as part of a degree programme must not undertake any part of an apprenticeship during this placement.

    So that’s it, if degree is funded via the student loans company then they cannot undertake an apprenticeship at the same time.

    Many will not be happy with this change, but it is clear in the 19/20 funding rules.



    Thanks Martin


    Ruth CJ

    I did have direct confirmation from the ESFA last year, that they count loans as DfE funding. So it’s a double no.

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