Post on a forum

Feconnect has been replaced by ESFA communities.

Feconnect is read only and it is not possible to create or reply to topics or posts. To search feconnect we suggest you use site specific searches. ESFA Communities is now live. Feconnect users will need to create a new ESFA communities account to post, reply or subscribe for email alerts.

How do I post a topic in a forum?

You must be signed in to post new topics or to reply to existing posts. To post a new topic go to the ‘Start New Topic’ section of a Forum’s homepage.

Most ILR discussions take place in the Data Issues Forum.
All topics should now be posted to the data issues forum.

To reply to an existing post within a topic, open the topic and reply at the bottom of the thread.

How do I add links to a post

Simply paste in the link url, and the link will be created once the post is saved

What are tags and do I have to use them?

‘Tags’ are key words added to a topic, when it is created to help other users find discussions. There is an index of Forum Topic Tags in the ‘Hot Topics’ section of the main Forums page.

Tags are attached to forum posts and are keywords relating to a topic or post. Tags can help other users find forum discussions about specific subjects by filtering out the topics which have been tagged, instead of navigating through a list of topics. A list of existing tags can be found on the forums page, with the most frequently used tags displayed in the largest font sizes. Users can click on a tag word which brings up a filtered list of the topics that have been tagged using that word.

Inserting tags when creating a new topic is optional but recommended, and tags can either be used from the existing list, or a new tag can be created if it hasn’t been already.

Can I edit or delete posts?

You can only edit your most recent post in a topic, using the grey ‘Edit’ link below your post details. You cannot delete posts.

General users of the site are not able to delete other people’s posts. If you are concerned about the content of any post, please email details to and a decision will be made on whether the post needs to be deleted or moderated.

Can I add a signature to my post?

It’s not possible to automatically add a signature to a post

Can I add attachments?

You cannot add attachments to forum posts

Can I use HTML?

No. Apart from links, any HTML will be stripped out of a post when it’s saved

Can I post images?

Images can’t be added to posts

How can I report posts to a moderator?

You can email directly to bring any issue to our attention.

Does my post need to be approved?

Posts are not approved by a moderator before going live on the site. However, if a post contains inappropriate content or material it will be removed from the site, as stated in the terms and conditions.